Expedition ROOF TENT

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Expedition ROOF TENT / Camping

- New version with curved roof to improve habitability and the dispersion of rain from the roof-

The internal hardware with a new design allow a greater internal volume, better habitability, better dispersion of condensate, better dispersion of rain avoiding accumulations and better tension of the fabrics.

Roof tent complete with cabin made by the best Asian manufacturer and branded SUNTOP, selected after years of testing in the most extreme conditions.

It is a tent that combines lightness and resistance, with the living body completely in Ripstop fabric and a Nylon roof for double protection from water and good insulation from the sun.

It can be opened on all four sides with porches thanks to the metal rods provided.

It has excellent ventilation and protection and each window and entrance is equipped with an opening mosquito net.

Inside it has a very comfortable 6 cm mattress covered in washable fabric.

Equipped with storage pockets and hooks, it has the predisposition to fix elastic bands (supplied) that help during the closure.

Supplied with extendable ladder that helps during opening.

It has a full cover in black pvc with straps that prevent it from slamming at speed.

It comes complete with a 2.2 meter high lower attached room to adapt to taller vehicles.

The extra room is open on 4 sides with hinged doors and mosquito nets to maintain an optimal level of ventilation.

It is fixed to the main body of the tent through a perimeter zip.

It is equipped with two lower aluminum bars equipped with universal attachments to adapt to any roof rack or roof bar.

It has a weight of about 45 kg and dimensions as in the photo.

Once closed measures 142x122x H 34 cm (including ladder)

We have tested it in the most extreme conditions and we offer it to you sure that it will meet your needs.

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